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Friday, October 14, 2011

DWTS: from a dancing competion to "Fair of the Weirdos"

Once upon a time there was a lovely show on abc, a nice dance competition where more or less famous people would confront on the dance floor, each one starting from a different skill level, and week by week the best dancers would make their way to the final. The quality of the performances was improving week by week, giving the show a certain character and always gifting the viewer with a flavor of Beauty and Grace. The deal was that everybody could progress in the show but the performers had to guarantee a certain level of quality in order to advance. Unfortunately that's part of the past. The current edition of Dancing With The Stars provides way the worst show of all its 13 editions. A poor VIPs selection and a even worse voting audience taste has transformed the competition that used to please the viewers into a Fair of the Weirdos where people that would fit much better into a reality or other trash TV show, pretend to be able to dance and put up a distressing display.
But that's it... it's nothing else than a mirror of today society where people seem entitled to have the right of being successful about anything they try, no matter what their qualities are. And this general attitude leads to have more and more mediocre quality about every aspect of life. The public employee is sloppy and lazy in its job? Yes but he/she has the right of having a job and he/she WANTS to be a public employee. The politician is incapable? Yes but he said he/she would do good and people have elected him/her... and so on...

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