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Friday, March 25, 2011

The German campaign of Berlusconi's image

I really hope that the Italian government issues a strong protest against the campaign that the German televisions ARD and ZDF have started to promote "fair information ad objectivity" during some local election and, mostly, to invite people to pay their annual fee "to guarantee independence of information". In this campaign the Germans don't miss a chance to show the racism they still deeply cultivate and use the image of the Italian prime minister (who happens to own three television and a couple of newspapers) to picture what would Germany be without media freedom and independence. Now, I think every Italian should feel deeply offended by this step forward of the German racism, that starting from calling Italians spaghetti eaters has now become Italians stupid puppepts in Berlusconi's hands. Now it's clear that blinded how they are in their feeling of superiority, those teutonic Kartoffeln eaters didn't bother to come down to the third world country (Lago di Garda is far enought) and look around, use that thing called TV remote control or buy a couple of newspapers to realize that things are not exactly the way they depict in their advertisements. Or, maybe, they actually crossed the border, and watched the third channel of the public TV, or they bought the newspaper Repubblica, or L'Unita', or il Manifesto, just to give some examples.... and they found a detailed description of how the Italians lack of media freedom and all the relevant complains and protests.... duh.

About paying an annual fee to a TV to guarantee it's independence, we have the blatant example of the public TV RAI, where the first channel has always been asserved to the government, whatever it is, the second has been asserved to the socilaists for long time, and now is not clear (at least to me) where it stands, while the third channel has alwas been asserved to the far left (current, ex, or post, whatever definition you like best). So if you really want a bad example of the Italian TV look at the public netowrk, that is paid by people's money, not at the private TVs that are paid by their owner's money. If you don't like what the owner of the private TV has to say on his TVs, you have a tremendous power to make him shut up in your house. It's called remote control.

Please German fellows, go back to call us Spaghetti Eaters, we are used to that and is much more in line with your intellectual level. Don't try to appear what you are not.

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