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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What the West should do about Libya

All the western governments are watching what is happening in Libya without a clue about what to do. They are horrified of the massacres that are going on there but they are scared of a military intervention that could have a negative impact on the arab masses. But of course someone in the Arab world, expecially the poor Libya citizen, will accuse the West to be inect and to have done nothing to stop the crazy guy.
There is a very simple solution to this empasse. The West, in particular the US and the NATO should offer their military power to the Arab league and/or the African Union and say something like "we are here available to do what you will ask us to do, bur we are not going to do anything if you don't ask us". That way the ball would be in Arabs' field, and nobody could accuse the West of stay and watch. The decision about an intervention would be all in the hands of the Arabs and at the same time they would not feel left alone.

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