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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Knowledge is more important than awareness and other things about Italy

I was watching the news on TV during my stay in Italy, and people were rallying to defend the constitution from the government which is attacking it and try to change it. If you put it in this way, one could be reasonably worried about democracy in Italy. Fortunately for Italy and for it's inhabitant things are not exactly how the people at the rallies were saying. First of all, the constitution itself describe the procedures that need to be followed in order to change it. The government is following step by step those procedures, and proof is that the President of the Republic approved both the method and the content of the changes, which is to say the changes proposed still are in line with the constitution spirit.
That made me think... do these people really know what they are rallying for? They are aware that a change in the constitution is under development but they don't know how that works and what they mean. So they are aware but not knowledgable. This leave space for some interested politician to use the people's good faith to show that "the people is defending the constitution against those who are attacking it".
Thinking about it, this is very common in Italy. People are very eager to be aware of what is going on around them (and that is very good) and are also willing to do something in order to defend what they believe in (and this is very good as well) but unfortunately they usually do not take the time to get a deeper knowledge of the things they are aware of. It doesn't matter if it is the GMO or the Nuclear Energy, the war in Afghanistan or the workers unified contract, the gobal warming or the poles melting. They are aware of it and therefore they feel the need to do something. But because they don't have the right knowledge, in the best case they limit their action to pointless rally, in some other cases (for example in the case of the nuclear poll years ago when the majority of Italians chose to stop the development of nuclear power plants) cause a big harm to their country. Just to stick to the example, stopping the development of nuclear plants is causing huge energy bills today, that surely worsen the already not so bright economic situation.... So the suggestion is, my dear Italian fellows, before you go to the streets and protest, try to get some knowlegde. Be aware is good but not enought... 

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