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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feelings of an ancient past

While walking on the trails that run on the hills on the west side of the big river, close to the junction between the loop and Interstate north, immersed in the bright green of the spring leaves and surrounded by the nature sounds I could not avoid to think how wonderful this land must have been before the so called civilized people invaded and transformed everything. The peace generated by the view of the springs, the regenerating whisper of the water, the happy sound of dozen of different birds made me travel back in time and experience what the first inhabitants of this area used to enjoy. The food was there in the river, or hiding somewhere in the woods, plenty of fresh water available, abundant wood for building and cooking everywhere. Mother nature provides you with everything you need for everyday's life. Just few miles away there's the continuous rumble of the highway and the stress of the civilized life...

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