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Monday, April 11, 2011

Thanks for nothing, Europe

If anybody still had doubts about the advantages of being part of the European Union for a country like Italy, today events should have clarified them. So far Europe has done very little to guarantee the stability of the economy (wasn't this one of its main purpose?) has chocked the Italian economy first with the unfair change Lira/Euro, then with the so called Stability Parameters, then with the strenght of the Euro that shortened one of the main lever Italy had to expand its economy, the weakness of the lira, in order to make its products more competitive on the international market. Italy has given a lot in the name of a United Europe, probably not asked a lot and for sure received very little. Now that a real emergency is occurring and the Italian goverment is asking help to the European Union to face the exceptional wave of immigrants from Tunisia, most of the UE partners turn their face and ignore the request. For sure it was to be expected, I just wish that the current slap on the face was received by those who always were so enthusiastic and ready to any compromise to realize the "european dream" and not by those who have always been (with good reason) Euro skeptics. 

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