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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is the Anthropocentric Global Warming a reality?

Here we go again folks! A new batch of emails from the AGW gang has been released. Nothing new under the sun, but a confirmation of what already was evident. There are strong interest into maintaining the public opinion to believe that the slight warming observed during the last century is not so slight and is totally to be attributed to human activity, in particular carbon dioxide production. It is very clear from this first extract of emails how there is a specific plan to enhance the public perception of an on going AGW, even if they well know that the science is not settled at all and every day more and more scientific evidences go against the AGW hypothesis.

Disclaimer. The authenticity of the emails is still to be confirmed. If you care about your planet and you money you should get informed and follow up these developments.

Update: the authenticity of the emails has been confirmed.

Thanks to Antony Watts of WUWT that suggested this link.

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